Hello everybody~

We want to inform you about how we are dealing with the COVID19, the orders and shipments.

While our shop is up and running as usual, you may experience some delays while we work hard to get your packages out to you!

Sadly, as you may know Korea Post isn't able to send to all the countries by K-Packet due the lack of aircraft or because other countries have a suspension about get packages from overseas or certain countries.

♡ Until now, we're able to send packages normally by K-POST to: USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy, and Philippines.


  • There’s a private standard shipping carrier from South Korea called Rincos, that ships to other countries that K-Post can’t reach due the COVID19

♡ Until now, we're able to send packages normally by RINCOS to: Belgium, Czech Rep, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia.


  • There’s a connection in Korea with Turkey Post, this helps us to send the packages to other countries that K-POST can’t reach due the COVID19. The packages are sent from Korea to Turkey and to Turkey to the destination country. The only limitation is that we can send 2 packages per week. So be patient about the shipping time please, or if you don’t want to wait, select Express Shipping.

♡ Until now, we're able to send packages normally by Turkey POST to: Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Belarus, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Ukraine, Ghana, Oman, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Qatar.


♡ Until now, we're able to send packages normally by Qxpress to: 

Japan, Malaysia, Singapore.


♡ To other countries:

The only way to send to your country right now for the COVID19 problem is through private EXPRESS carriers like DHL, FedEx or EMS.

Our system keeps track of every order placed, so there is no need to check in over fears that we have overlooked your package. If you placed an order (and selected Standard Shipping) and received a confirmation email, we have your order and it will be packed as usual, just be a little patient please, we will send it as soon as we can do it.

If you select Express Shipping for your item, then we will send it in shortly and you'll be able to get it within a week or less.

As soon as your country lift the suspension, we will send your order and add it to the list of countries with suspension lifted.

Also, if you don't want to wait more, please contact us:
You can upgrade your shipment to Express Shipping (price depends of the weight of your order). We can send to any country by Express Shipping because these are private post companies and they have their own aircraft.

Important Note: If your country doesn't accept packages from Korea yet and you still want to buy from us, you can do it. We will get your order and hold it until the suspension from your county is lifted and then we will send your package without problem.

Please note that post offices are closed over the weekend, so no status updates will be made at this time.

Thank you for purchasing, we appreciate it so much.
Stay healthy and safe please~




Updated on August 13rd, 2021

*Hawaii, Guam, Alaska and Puerto Rico are temporarily closed.

List of countries with lifted suspension (by Korea Post). Countries marked with a Blue "V" and (O) at K-Packet Column accepts packages from Korea without problem.